All About the Wall Tent

A new week, a new video. This is a long one, longer than it normally takes us to put up a tent, but come along as we show you how to put up a wall tent and show you all the nifty features.

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Ox-Cart Cover

Sometimes we make very custom pieces as special orders. Watch a video about a charming project we got to contribute to at Strawbery Banke Museum.

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Midwives in a tent

Our Time Period

The Shellenbeans look forward to September and October every year, because that is when we get to spend time at our other home, with our other family, in the camp of Das Geld Fahnlein at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. Many years ago Alena and Stephen met at the Vermont Renaissance Festival and have continued to […]

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Tour of the shop

We’ve been in the new shop in Gonic, NH (which is a village in the City of Rochester, NH) for 2 months now, but most of that has been making the space ready for use, putting in floors, moving all the equipment, etc.. Now that we’re in October it is starting to feel more like […]

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Welcome to YouTube

The world of the internet is wild and sometimes scary, but most of the time it is full of opportunities. So we’re not just launching this new website, we’re also hoping to put up some videos for you. Mostly to assist with tent set-up, pole making, maybe teach a little about tents. Our first video […]

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Welcome to Tentsmiths

We’re so glad you’ve found your way to our website, the person/search engine who directed you here has really good taste. We make the highest quality historical canvas tents in the United States. Whether you’re a reenactor, history site, trekker, primitive camper, or your own unique type of person, we’d love to make you a […]

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