Totally round marquees, called Pavilions, dotted the landscape during the glory days of English longbowmen. They can be seen in all their magnificence in dozens of paintings dating from the 1200’s. Sometimes profusely decorated with woven, striped cloth, embroidery and applied motifs, the pavilions created a colorful camp scene second to none!

Our Pavilions are built to be suspended from a center pole and held out with guy lines. Scallop edges are the traditional shapes with custom scallop edges available. Walls are constructed with two opposing doors and wall heights can be increased, or decreased, as your needs dictate.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have sent home our employees and now spend part of our time stitching masks instead of tents. We are currently not taking new orders. Anyone who has already ordered, we will fill your order though it may take some time. We hope to open back up soon.