Oilskin tarp set out in Africa

Why don’t you have a true 10×10?

Just a quick video explaining why our 10′ tarp is only 9’8″ wide. The answer may surprise you! (actually, it probably won’t, but we felt like we had to say that.)

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Tentsmiths Logo on wooden background

Our Very First Swag!

We’re an old-fashioned kind of company. Mostly what we spend our days on is stitching up the best shelters that we can, and letting the tents and tarps speak for themselves. But our customers have asked if there are some ways they can show their Tentsmiths love, so here it is. We now have stickers! […]

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Canvas being sewn


Name: Stephen ShellenbeanHometown: Deerfield, NHPosition: Chief Operating OfficerWhich means: I figure out what we’re making and how it’s made. And then answer questions when folks are confused. I’ve been sewing for most of my life and camping for all of it. Many were the summers I spent under canvas as a Boy Scout before discovering […]

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dog on office chair

Meet the Tentsmiths Crew: Brynhildr

Name: Brynhildr (But everyone calls me Brinnie)Hometown: Deerfield, NHPosition: DivaWhich means: I am the reason everyone comes to the shop, right? I am a Bull Terrier, and I am 45 pounds of love. I was rescued one year ago and I fit in great! I love to sit in laps and give kisses. It is […]

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Woman in colonial clothes at a computer desk

Meet the Tentsmiths Crew – Alena

Name: AlenaHometown: Hopkinton, New HampshirePosition: Owner/CFOWhich means I: Take care of the bills, Answer the phones with Kristal, post on social media, assist with scheduling, cutting, hiring, you name it, I do it! Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved history. Half the photos of me growing up I’m wearing prairie dresses and straw […]

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white tent with lit interior

Why choose Tentsmiths?

We often get asked why someone should purchase our tents and not one from somewhere else. We don’t offer the spread of colors some do and may require more poles. Our tents also tend to cost a bit more than others, but are they worth it? We think so, and here’s why. Let’s start with […]

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Meet the Tentsmiths Crew – Ariel

Name: ArielHometown: Nashua, NH/ New Boston, NH; we moved a few times. Position: Shop ManagerWhich means I: Organize production in the shop! I train our stitchers and work along side them to get canvas and oilskin products cut, stitched, and otherwise ready for shipping. I also work closely with Stephen to manage the workload and make […]

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woman on pier with bridge in background

Meet the Tentsmiths Crew – Cara

Name: CaraHometown: Monroe, MichiganPosition: StitcherWhich means I: Cut and assemble tents, watchcoats and guncases I was the kid that loved fantasy and history a little too much. Conventions, renaissance faires, and the SCA became my favourite places to be, and when I went to university for film and theatre, I found it was the perfect […]

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Large dog on small dog bed

Meet the Tentsmiths Crew – Kari

Ever wondered who exactly it is that stitches your tarp or tent? Who answers the phone? Who exactly is Tentsmiths? Here is your answer! Name: KariHometown: Deerfield, NHPosition: GreeterWhich means: When someone enters the Tentsmiths shop I will come to greet them. I am a Leonberger. I weigh 150 pounds. Since I am a very […]

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Person in the snowy woods

Meet the Tentsmiths Crew – Allison

Ever wondered who exactly it is that stitches your tarp or tent? Who answers the phone? Who exactly is Tentsmiths? Here is your answer! Name: AllisonHometown: Cincinnati, OhioPosition: Stitcher Which means I: stitch canvas and oilskin tents and tarps After graduating with a BA in Theatre, I started working professionally with theatrical costumes. Some places I’ve […]

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