Why don’t you have a true 10×10?

An oilskin tarp is hung from a tree to provide a cover over a comfortable campsite. A brown blanket is laid flat on the ground with another blanket, white with multi-color stripes on both ends, folded on top of it. The campsite is located in a grassy spot with trees and bushes providing a backdrop.

Why don’t you have a true 10×10?

Just a quick video explaining why our 10′ tarp is only 9’8″ wide. The answer may surprise you! (actually, it probably won’t, but we felt like we had to say that.)

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2 thoughts on “Why don’t you have a true 10×10?

  1. Where are these tarps manufactured?

    1. We make them right here in the Tentsmiths shop in Rochester, NH

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