Visit with a Whelen

tan shelter

Visit with a Whelen

What happens when the Shellenbeans are stuck not attending events for long periods? You get a video about the mysterious Whelen! This is such a unique style of shelter, and not like a tent at all. It has a completely open front, and only wings on the sides. The Whelen is meant to be erected using ropes and trees, or a frame you’ve made yourself. This type of shelter is great for in front of a nice fire, looking at a lovely view, or at the beach (if you frame it up.)

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5 thoughts on “Visit with a Whelen

  1. I’d love to get some info on a baker tent

    1. I don’t think we have any orders for Baker tents at the moment, but we’ll try to do a video the next time we have one in the shop.

  2. Thank you 😊 for making my husbands amazing 😉 tent ⛺️ he just received it today and already out camping 🏕 with it!!!! Best ⛺️ and very strong 💪 we appreciate your hard work and dedication!!!

  3. This beauty is on my wish list…love it!

    1. It is on Stephen’s wish list too! We make them, but we usually ship them out, he wants one of his own!

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