Visit with a Whelen

tan shelter

Visit with a Whelen

What happens when the Shellenbeans are stuck not attending events for long periods? You get a video about the mysterious Whelen! This is such a unique style of shelter, and not like a tent at all. It has a completely open front, and only wings on the sides. The Whelen is meant to be erected using ropes and trees, or a frame you’ve made yourself. This type of shelter is great for in front of a nice fire, looking at a lovely view, or at the beach (if you frame it up.)

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3 thoughts on “Visit with a Whelen

  1. I’d love to get some info on a baker tent

    1. I don’t think we have any orders for Baker tents at the moment, but we’ll try to do a video the next time we have one in the shop.

  2. Thank you 😊 for making my husbands amazing 😉 tent ⛺️ he just received it today and already out camping 🏕 with it!!!! Best ⛺️ and very strong 💪 we appreciate your hard work and dedication!!!

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