Welcome to YouTube

Welcome to YouTube

The world of the internet is wild and sometimes scary, but most of the time it is full of opportunities. So we’re not just launching this new website, we’re also hoping to put up some videos for you. Mostly to assist with tent set-up, pole making, maybe teach a little about tents. Our first video is a little introduction to our family, and to Tentsmiths in general, hope you like it.

We are Tentsmiths

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to YouTube

  1. Yay!! Thank you for continuing the tradition! May you have many successful years ahead of you!!

  2. I wish you many years of success! I was horrified when I heard the previous owners were going to close down Tentsmiths. This company has so many things that can’t be found anywhere else, and I haven’t had a chance to get the items I need and want.

    Good luck, and God bless you!

    Brad and Linda Flynn

  3. Thank you both for picking up the torch and carrying on! God bless you in your endevors.

  4. Good luck and good to hear Tent Smith is not gone. You mentioned maybe making more videos may I suggest A video on how to repair a tent such as a hole or worn ground loops normal things that happen to tents that are used.

    1. Great idea! We’ll do that.

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