Our Thoughts on COVID-19

Midwives in a tent

Our Thoughts on COVID-19

Here at Tentsmiths, we spend most of our time thinking about canvas, about our customers, about stuff like: what would be the most efficient way to carry feed for horses when your army is on the march in 1528? But like the rest of you we live in the year 2020 and right now we’re hearing a lot of voices telling us to let you know how a pandemic is likely to affect our business, and your tents. I’m reluctant to give any sort of predictions, I’m much more comfortable with medieval medicine than with modern medicine, but I can tell you about us here in the Tentsmiths shop.
We are pretty lucky that we run a very small shop. We can continue to work with very little contact with the outside world, though the mill building that we occupy is also shared with a school. We’re being careful and limiting our exposure to other people, as much as is possible. We’re pretty healthy adults, though both the Shellenbeans and our employees have kids. At this point at least one school has shut down for the next two weeks. So while we’ll keep taking orders and stitching tents, this is going to slow down production time while we switch off parenting with making tents.
We are going to try and keep fairly close to the schedule for those of you who have already placed orders, but if this thing is as bad as they say, we will probably miss some of our deadlines. Moving forward, all new tent orders this week will be stitched up in late June. After next week, we’ll be out in July. And by the time we actually get to July I hope we will be back at events, enjoying living history once again.
You know a great way to limit your exposure to other people? Grab your tent, pull out your canoe, set off for the forest and spend some time in the wilderness. Spring is coming here in New Hampshire at an opportune time. So if you’ve thought about spending some time far away from other people, why not place an order for an oilskin watchcoat and a tarp? We have watchcoats in stock, and the wait time for tarps is 7 weeks instead of three months.
So stay safe everyone. Be smart, but have heart. We’ll be out there enjoying each other’s company around a campfire in the not too distant future.

Alena & Stephen Shellenbean

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3 thoughts on “Our Thoughts on COVID-19

  1. Dear tentsmith.
    Thanks for the covid 19 update.
    I put in an order some weeks back for an oilskin tarp. Slatted to be complete hopefully by april 10th or so. Hoping for no delays in my order, but if so it is understood.Regardless I love your outlook on how to fully take advantage of this social distancing by heading into the mountains and forest to do the best with are time.I for one will take this time of my unemployment to spent as much time in the bush(hopefully soon with my new tarp). Spending my days and nights out in solitude.. thank you for producing such a great product! and caring about your customers.
    In good medicine,

    1. Hi Ray, We’re still on track to finish your tarp in early April, we’ll let you know if that changes, thanks for understanding.

  2. Thank you. I have not ordered but have only drooled over your creations. Handmade versatility and function. Impressive! I’m saving my money now!

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