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Roman wave trim

The State of Tentsmiths

Here we are, in September of 2020 and boy what a year it has been. Just about this time last year was when Alena and Stephen opened up for orders as the new owners of Tentsmiths. We had worked so hard all summer getting ready to take care of reenactors all over the country and […]

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Midwives in a tent

Our Thoughts on COVID-19

Here at Tentsmiths, we spend most of our time thinking about canvas, about our customers, about stuff like: what would be the most efficient way to carry feed for horses when your army is on the march in 1528? But like the rest of you we live in the year 2020 and right now we’re […]

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Tour of the shop

We’ve been in the new shop in Gonic, NH (which is a village in the City of Rochester, NH) for 2 months now, but most of that has been making the space ready for use, putting in floors, moving all the equipment, etc.. Now that we’re in October it is starting to feel more like […]

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Welcome to YouTube

The world of the internet is wild and sometimes scary, but most of the time it is full of opportunities. So we’re not just launching this new website, we’re also hoping to put up some videos for you. Mostly to assist with tent set-up, pole making, maybe teach a little about tents. Our first video […]

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Welcome to Tentsmiths

We’re so glad you’ve found your way to our website, the person/search engine who directed you here has really good taste. We make the highest quality historical canvas tents in the United States. Whether you’re a reenactor, history site, trekker, primitive camper, or your own unique type of person, we’d love to make you a […]

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