Meet the Tentsmiths Crew – Ariel

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Meet the Tentsmiths Crew – Ariel

Name: Ariel
Hometown: Nashua, NH/ New Boston, NH; we moved a few times. 
Position: Shop Manager
Which means I: Organize production in the shop! I train our stitchers and work along side them to get canvas and oilskin products cut, stitched, and otherwise ready for shipping. I also work closely with Stephen to manage the workload and make sure our shop is running as efficiently as possible. 

About me:
Growing up I always had a massive stash of craft supplies (and/or objects I’d found around and decided “I can MAKE something with this!”). Crafting and creating is at the core of who I am; tie that in with a love of fantasy/all-that-be-nerdy and of course it should come as no surprise that I found magic in the Renaissance Faire. Chasing that magic and a need to make the world a bit more weird I persued a career in theatre costuming. 

While attending Plymouth State I lead a team to organize the first annual “Prince John’s Medieval Festival”; a very small, very local Renn Faire for which we hired Stephen and Alena’s reenactment group. Many years, a masters degree, underpaying freelance design jobs and a pandemic later I offered to stitch for Tentsmiths when Alena put out a call for help. It seems they decided to keep me. 

Also, I like tabletop rpg and cats. 

Favorite Tentsmiths tent: Square Marquee
Why: The marquees are really pretty when they are put up, and for whatever reason the square marquee is the most satisfying to put together. Nothing more to it! 

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