Wedge Tent – French 1751

Wedge Tent – French 1751

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Wedge Tent – French 1751

Made to Order

Mud Flaps

Extra Doors

Grommets in the peak of your tent *

If you will be attaching an awning, wind ropes, or finials, you will need a metal grommet (or 2) in the peak of your tent through which the pins can run.

Toggles on your Door

All doors on our tents come with tie closures, but we can substitute loops and wooden toggle closures.

Thicker than standard canvas

Some folks like a thicker than usual canvas. Our regular 10 oz. holds up very well, but we can accommodate a thicker canvas.


Probably the most timeless of all tentage, the wedge tent has been with us in one form or another for many centuries. We have researched and found a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for different time periods. Some have flat fronts and backs while others sport a belled rear section providing storage space for gear.

Unless otherwise noted, Tentsmith tents are made out of 10 oz. white Sunforger – Flame resistant canvas.


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

2 reviews for Wedge Tent – French 1751

  1. Christian Huard

    I purchased that tent from the previous owners about 10 years ago and I’m still using it for larp events.

    I opted for this model because it’s just big enough for me, my larp equipment, foods and everything I need for a big week of larp (7 nights). It is quite easy to put up and you can even do it by yourself. You only have to put the stakes (at least to hold the tent up, but about 12 if you want to do it properly), install the poles (can be 3 2×3 cut to the right length) and you’re done! No rope, no knot.

    I would recommend this model for 1-2 persons if you want to store all your gears inside the tent. Could probably fit 3-4 persons with limited gears.

    My only regret so far is that I should have opted for the 1750 model instead (bigger), since I’m 6′ tall, but since I’m only sleeping and storing my gear inside the tent, that’s not a bbig problem.

  2. Joe Ling

    I have a 1751and love it it can handle 2 but I travel alone at 5’9″i can stand up easily plenty of room for my cot one side and small gear other plus bell for every thing else Have spent as much as 12 days in it in with ease with just a small fly Just a plug my fly is a Tentsmiths canvas trail tarp 8×10

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