Double Bell Wedge

Double Bell Wedge

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The double belled wedge tent is found in a number of medieval paintings and sketches. Henry the VIII’s camp drawing shows many of these tents in use and under erection. With a door in the center of the body of the tent, it offers usable floor space while taking up no extra area for guy lines. The tents are strong and able to withstand any weather thrown at them due to their triangular cross section. Add to this the fact that the double belled wedge needs only two vertical poles and one ridge pole and you have an easy tent to transport also.

TENTSMITHS constructs the double bells in a number of sizes. We have not been able to find any documented original dimensions but the paintings appear to show the same design in a number of different sizes.

We offer your choice of two door styles. The Henry VIII style is a thirty inch wide door, six feet tall with a half round peak. (As shown above on tent in foreground) The “French” door is our usual five inch overlap, ties inside and out, which can be tied open (Shown above).

Unless otherwise noted, Tentsmith tents are made out of 10 oz. white Sunforger – Flame resistant canvas.


Roof Vent

Segmented Mud Flaps

MUD FLAPS are standard on all walls. The standard width on the mud flap is 10″. Some vendors have requested we remove the mud flaps so as to allow walls to be more easily put up or taken down without moving poles, because on square and rectangular marquees the perimeter poles do rest on the mud flap. Some customers go with the segmented mud flaps if they want the protection and convenience. We are happy to do this.

None No Segmented Mud Flaps Add Segmented Mud Flaps +10.00%

Divider with Door

Special Door Style

Stove Jack

Looking for a way to keep warm? We can install a silicon jack through which a stove pipe can exit your tent, enabling you to have a toasty warm wood stove right inside your tent. Please pick the diameter of desired stove jack.

Oval vs Circular for slanted surfaces

Stove jacks installed on slanted walls are usually oval in shape to allow for stove pipe to be straight up and down, not angled. If you would prefer a circular jack, your pipe will have to angled.

Please provide with a description of where you would like your stove jack placed. Height and which wall. Standard is 42″ off the ground.

Thicker than standard canvas

Some folks like a thicker than usual canvas. Our regular 10 oz. holds up very well, but we can accommodate a thicker canvas.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

10' x 15'6" x 8', 10' x 18'6" x 8', 10' x 21' x 8', 12' x 20'6" x 10', 12' x 23' x 10', 12' x 26' x 10', 15' x 27' x 10', 15' x 30' x 10'

2 reviews for Double Bell Wedge

  1. Fritz Schumacher

    This tent is fantastic. I’ve had my double bell wedge for ten years, and not only is it easy to set up, it’s also unbelievably resistant to wind and weather. It gets set up and stays up once a year for over a month, and I’ve never once worried that it might come down, even in 50+ mph winds. I can’t recommend it enough.

  2. Kevin Lavoie

    We purchased one of these with all the bells (haha) and whistles about 8 years ago. Still going strong, beautiful tent. We constructed an saw-horse style frame for inside so there are no internal poles, makes it VERY spacious. Would only let me select 4 for some reason, but DEFINITELY A 5*****

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