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“The finial is an architectural device, typically carved or turned in wood and employed decoratively to emphasize the apex of a gable or any of various distinctive ornaments at the top, end, or corner of a building or structure.” Architectural details were no strangers to tents. Many drawings, paintings and photographs show finials as a major aesthetic detail gracing the peaks of tents of all types and time periods. Smaller finials were used as decorative ornaments on the perimeter poles of marquees.

Not just to embellish the design, finials played a structural role also. Weather lines were attached to peak finials to facilitate the assembly and erecting process of the tent and to keep the lines from touching the tent roof. That separation keeps the lines from prematurely wearing the tent ridge fabric. In historic tents that separation kept the lines from breaking the surface tension of the fabric producing a spot for rain to pass to the interior.

Wikipedia even says “Architectural finials were once believed to act as a deterrent to witches on broomsticks attempting to land on one’s roof.” Really? That fact alone is enough reason for us to have a pair on the roof of the Tentsmiths’ marquee!


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